Package org.zilonis.tool.ext.aerith.effects

Class Summary
ComponentEffect This is the base class for all effects that are used during screen transitions.
ComponentImageEffect Abstract class that contains the logic for rendering an image of the component during the transition, rather than rendering the component itself.
ComponentState The structure stores the state of a given transition component that will be used during the transition, which includes the position, the size, and the image snapshot of the component.
CompositeEffect This Effect combines one or more sub-effects to create a more complex and interesting effect.
EffectsManager REMIND: docs...
Fade ComponentEffect that performs a Fade (in or out) on the component.
FadeIn Simple subclass of Fade effect that will fade a component from nothing to an existing end state.
FadeOut Simple subclass of Fade effect that will fade a component from an existing start state to nothing.
Move ComponentEffect that moves a component from its position in the start state to its position in the end state, based on linear interpolation between the two points during the time of the animated transition.
Rotate This ComponentEffect rotates an image through a given number of degrees during the animated transition.
Scale ComponentEffect that resizes a component during the transition.

Enum Summary
EffectsManager.TransitionType An enum that describes the type of transition that this effect should be used for.