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Compare 56 Loans at Once!

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Which loan fits your monthly budget? Which loan will cost more over time and how much more? Which loan can you really afford? Use the power of Mortgage Shark Calculator™ to find out!

Mortgage Shark Calculator™, $1.99, is a powerful financial tool which compares 56 loans at once and then allows you to drill down into the specific details of any loan you choose with the new Loan Summary feature.

For any Android phone, Mortgage Shark Calculator™ gives you the payment amounts based upon your loan variables. It's a comprehensive financial calculator which shows you the big picture by comparing 56 loans at once.

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Clicking on the Menu button on your phone you will see the option to edit the loan details

Then you can change the base loan amount, the interest, the term, how you want the loan amount to increase and decrease on the rows, and how you want the interest to increase or decrease in the columns. You can even specify the taxes and insurance, and see how that affects your monthly payments!

Keep Your Personal Finances Off the Internet

Online loan calculators are all over the Internet. And while most are safe, what do they all have in common? You must type your financial information into a web browser.

You don't have to share your financial information with a web site anymore!

Mortgage Shark Calculator™ helps you make sound financial decisions without putting your data online or relying on web-based services that may or may not be there for you when you need them. Mortgage Shark Calculator™ runs on your own phone. The financial questions you have about loan comparisons are calculated on your own phone.

This Loan Comparison Calculator Helps You Make Sound Financial Decisions

Mortgage Shark Calculator™ gives you the answers you need to make good decisions about borrowing money. Use Mortgage Shark Calculator™'s multiple loan comparison analysis and simultaneously compare 56 loans. Then use Loan Summaries to drill down into the details of any of the loans you wish! Just leave your finger on the loan you are interested, or click the track ball right there, and the loan details will pop up.